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Surfing in the storm Aina

Last week we had a big storm coming in to the west coast of Norway. The storm was called “Aina” and it came with extremely strong winds and some nice waves. The waves up to 4 meters and wind was up to 52 knots. It was one of those days you can use your smallest […]

New contract with Skudenes & Åkra Sparebank!

  I signed my first three-year contract with Skudenes & Åkra sparebank in 2015. Since then, Skudenes & Åkra sparebank has been my main sponsor. Skudenes & Åkra sparebank was happy with my results and the work i did for them, so they offered me a new three years sponsorship contract. Skudenes & Åkra Sparebank […]

Upcoming event: Windsurfing in the North Sea!

After the World Championship in Germany… Actually before it started, I was devastated. I went to Sylt  to show that I belonged at the top of the World Stage… Instead the whole competition went down the drain, when my mast broke in two also tearing up my sail, while warming up. I ended up as number 28 […]

Race report world championship 2015, slalom – senior

Last week and weekend 15yr old Martin has been competing in the world championship, slalom, for seniors at Sylt. As I wrote in the previous post, he drove down together with his mum. His mum actually do not like to drive that far, but when it was the only option to get Martin to compete, […]

Pre-race report World Championship slalom at Sylt (Senior)

This week Martin has left for Sylt. For those of you following his blog you might remember this place. You should! This were the place where his sail was torn apart just prior to start of the German open championship in 2014. Leading to some astonishing races with borrowed and old equipment. He won both […]

Pre-Race report World Championship in Italy

  After the Nordic Championship (which he won!), Martin has been staying in Denmark. They left Rønbjerg on Monday, headed for Hvide Sande. Now he has been staying here with his father and coach. Together they have been camping on the beach of Hvide Sande. Though many would say that it is not the weather for camping […]

Pre-race news, Nordic Championship Windsurfing 2015

Today Martin had visitors from the national tv channel NRK, who wanted to make a story on him from his homespot, in front of the upcoming events. Firstly the Nordic Championship, in Denmark. Then the World Championship later in june/july. The setting at Åkrasanden today was perfect, the weather were great, the photo team were […]

Winner Euro Cup, U-20yrs, at Sylt. (13-17. Mai 2015)

I was very exited to go back at sylt this year, especially due to my results and experiences from last year. This year there were more wind and tougher conditions, since the wind was coming towards the shore. This caused  shorebreak. Shorebreak means that the waves crashes down when coming towards the beach. These conditions suits […]

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