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Upcoming event: Windsurfing in the North Sea!

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After the World Championship in Germany… Actually before it started, I was devastated.
I went to Sylt  to show that I belonged at the top of the World Stage…
Instead the whole competition went down the drain, when my mast broke in two also tearing up my sail, while warming up.
I ended up as number 28 out of the 80 windsurfers which had been allowed to enter the World Championship. I know this sounds a bit cocky, but having a smaller sail with low wind speeds, is equal to having a engine with less power in your boat.

Of course I should have had an extra sail, but since this is extremely expensive equipment, my budget don´t allow keeping double sets of all my sails and masts.

Because of this it is very exciting and motivating to be invited to race in the North Sea.
On Saturday 8th of July we will race to the plattform Troll A, about 40nautical miles into the extremely unpredictable Norwegian part of the North Sea. Due to the rough conditions, the waves easily can be up to 10 meters high.
The organizer Havsportveka only have invited five of the best windsurfers in Norway, including my older brother.

This race will be a battle for glory, five of the best windsurfers in Norway, put together in one heat. And as always when my brother and I compete in the same race, the looser is headed for a tough week back home…

On Sunday 9th July we will compete in a one hour eight figure course. Most laps in one hour is the winner. At this race there are not only glory but also prize money for top 5 places. Which will be a very nice addition to a windsurfers budget.

The Norwegian TV channel NRK will follow the race towards the Troll A plattform in the North Sea.

Stay tuned for videos and pictures!

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