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Race report world championship 2015, slalom – senior

Last week and weekend 15yr old Martin has been competing in the world championship, slalom, for seniors at Sylt. As I wrote in the previous post, he drove down together with his mum. His mum actually do not like to drive that far, but when it was the only option to get Martin to compete, she did it anyway.

Martin on the other hand had already checked if he could travel alone with the ferry across…

Nothing stops this family, slows it down, of course – stop it? Never.

Sadly Martin ran into another challenge that slowed him down just before the start of the world championship.
When he was warming up, suddenly the mast broke in two… His biggest sail were lost. This lead to th fact that he had to compete with a smaller sail, which again ment that he would not get the same speed as the other windsurfers…


One heck of a way to start the World Championship! There is really just one word to describe that: “Terrible.”

This lead to the fact that Martin now needed more wind to have a chance to show his rare talent to the world.
(More wind would mean that all the other windsurfers also would have chosen the size of sail that Martin no were forced to chose, because of his broken mast).

The day after getting this update i received  message.. waiting for wind… Which ment that there probably would not be the conditions Martin hoped for.
Friday no racing due to lack of wind, waited all saturday for wind, then suddenly it came. And it came in fast and heavy…
Leading to the fact that there were to much waves to race on sunday… So the wind which would have helped Martin turned in to be to much for competing.

Martin came in 28. position in the world championship for seniors (slalom), something that I believe sounds fantastic. But when we know how he made that place, with a sail 2-3 m2 smaller than the  others…
When we know that he normally win over many of the competitions…
Thats when we know how big his talent is.
Thats when we know how bad he wants to win.

And thats why I have chosen to help Martin this summer.

Because there is no doubt, Martin has gotten experience and determination from being tested with all kinds of bad luck this summer.
And as I said, nothing stops this family.
Nothing stops Martin.
To reach your goal in a specific time you need luck, og at least avoid bad luck.
But with true talent, hard work and determination – you will be victorious despite the lack of luck, you will be victorius despite the bad luck.

Martin is capable of that. And that is why I´m using time for writing these words.

I know Martin will push it to the limits – and thats all that matters in any sport – to give it your 100%.

Ps. You are the 28. best slalom windsurfer in the world, after competing with a smaller sail than the rest, that says to me that you are one heck of a windsurfer. And even more important that you have the determination to go as far as only you can imagine.



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