Martin Møller Hovda


Pre-race report World Championship slalom at Sylt (Senior)


This week Martin has left for Sylt. For those of you following his blog you might remember this place. You should!

This were the place where his sail was torn apart just prior to start of the German open championship in 2014. Leading to some astonishing races with borrowed and old equipment. He won both the U-17 and U-20 classes.

Earlier this year he was back at Sylt to win the Euro cup for U-20yrs.

And now…

After a bit of challenges, Martin and his mum, are driving to Sylt to get Martin to the World Championship for seniors!
Way to go mum!

Let´s cross our fingers for great conditions so that Martin is allowed to sail as many races as possible!

Martin, this is your place.

Head out there, have fun and gather experience!

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