Martin Møller Hovda


Martin reaches his goal, at the World Championhsip, despite som bad luck.

Martin with the Norwegian flag at the opening ceremony.

The world championship slalom for youths this year took place in Reggio Calabria, Italy. From the 29. juni until 4. juli.

For those of you following Martin´s blog, already knew that that is the week after the Nordic Championship in Denmark. Which he won.

After the Nordic Championship he stayed in Denmark, both to prepare himself and to save some traveling expenses.
After the competition finished they chased the wind, and moved to Hvidesande for better training facilities, here they stayed in a tent at the beach. Perfect for Martin and his preparations.

Getting to the World Championship in Italy on the other hand seemed to be the biggest challenge in a long time. It was a battle every day in Denmark, to get allowed to bring along all the equipment. When all options seemed lost, they turned to a travelling comapny in Billund who decided to help, even though it was not their job.

I guess there really are something in the old saying; “It is lovely to be a Norwegian in Denmark.”

When Martin arrived in Italy he felt very good. He also told that he never has been sailing so fast as he is now. Everything was set for him to make a great World Championship.
But in his first race he ended up in trouble with the starting boat, he won the race, but he was told that he was over early… He then ended up in the bronze final for that race, and again he was over early…

His own words: “Rookies mistake.”

A very bad start at the World Championship, but as he said himself; “Shit happens, now I got nothing to loose”.
The next two days, sadly for Martin, ended up with no windsurfing due to lack of wind. It would be better for Martin to have more races due to his first race and the start trouble, leading him to being placed last in that race.

Day 4 they finally got wind. Martin picked himself together after the first race and ended up in the gold final for that race.

During the entire World Championship there only were two 16 yeras old how did that.
Martin did it two twice out of 4 races…..!

After this Martin sailed himself up from absolutely last position to a fantastic 10th place in the World Championship.
What a mindset in this kid. Hats off!

Martin has learned a lot from the championship in Italy and is already eager to improve. So eager to improve that he stayed in Denmark, when travelling back home, to windsurf with some of the best windsurfers in Scandinavia. Thats the way to go Martin, keep it up!
And congratulations with being the 10th best U20 slalom windsurfer in the world! I guess you are the only one being able to call it an OK result, it is the World Championship we are talking about. And with the first race, and lack of wind (leading to less races) it was outstanding.

Outstanding – is the word Martin!

Congratulations Champ.

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