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Pre-Race report World Championship in Italy


After the Nordic Championship (which he won!), Martin has been staying in Denmark.
They left Rønbjerg on Monday, headed for Hvide Sande. Now he has been staying here with his father and coach. Together they have been camping on the beach of Hvide Sande.

Though many would say that it is not the weather for camping in a tent. For Martin this is perfect. His focus is not on camping. It is on the preparations for, and the upcoming World Championship, in Italy.

The main challenge has not been getting tickets to Italy, but to be allowed to take all the equipment needing along with them on a plain. Now they finally have gotten the confirmation and everything seems to be in order.
Tomorrow morning they will leave Denmark and head for the world championship in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
(For more information on championship go to upcoming events and click on event for information.)

At Hvide Sande Martin has been extremely focused on the sailing, according to his coach and father. The weather conditions has also been great for sailing. This was the reason they left Rønbjerg to Hvide Sande.

As Martin said himself; “I would rather sleep outside and have optimal weather conditions, than to sleep in a wedding suit and lack wind for training. So we left for Hvide Sande since the forecast shoed more wind there.”

Another good thing about Hvide Sande had been that he has been training together with some fellow windsurfers.
Pushing each other to get the best out of every session.

All we can do now is to wish Martin the best and to go and have fun in the World Championship starting on Monday 29. juni.

To get the latest results in the World Championship 29. juni until 4. juli, visit:

Media contacts during the World Championship:
Martin 93 09 89 16,
Arne Eivind (Coach & father) 40 10 76 33,

I will let Martin have the last words in this post:

“Thanks to all my sponsors, for joining my team, if not for you this would not have been possible.”

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