Martin Møller Hovda


Winner Nordic Championship, U-20yrs and bronze medal senior.

Today I will have to start with a big congratulations to Martin.

This weekend that has passed, he won the Nordic Championship for the under 20yrs, and he won a bronze medal for the seniors. What an outsatnding and amazing performance by the youngster.

I am not sure if you did read the last news notice, but for those of you that read it, they will remember my question…
To the others here is the question I gave Martin before he departed from Norway:
Do you have any thoughts that you would like to share with your followers and sponsors?
And for the race he gave me only one sentence:

“To win, nothing else matters.”

And this young lad from the small town of Åkrehamn, on the Norwegian west coast did it. He won. What an amazing talent, what an amazing athlete and most important of all what mental strength he must have to go out and win after thes weeks of media pressure.

Just after Martin had left for Denmark I talked to his mother. Since his older brother, who now have to prioritize studies and work before windsurfing also would be competing, it was like they were back in the old days.
The days before leaving to Denmark were spent arguing over what equipment they had, and who was the proper owner… Hello world!? Somebody give these boys a full scale equipment contract! PLEASE!

After a few hours they settled down and got their mind set on the race, they got their mind where it should be, and where it had been so many times before. Their mind were set on winning.
Martin was quite happy to also have his brother in the race, though he knew that his brother had not gotten to surf this year, due to studies and work. But still Martin is impressed that his older brother, a former world champion in windsurfing, chose to race.
Fully aware of that he currently not is anywhere near his best form.

A few words from Martin;
When we arrived at Denmark I did not feel pressure. The only thing that went through my mind was that I wanted to revenge last year, when I lost the victory due to a cancelled race. (The race was cancelled due to lack of wind). We lived 100m from the beach which was perfect.
To be honest day one really were the best day, but due to much sea weed in the water, I had to jump off the board and clean it several times, by doing this I lost several places a couple of times.

Despite of this I finished the competition by winning the U-20 years and taking the bronze medal in the senior class.

Next year though, I want to take at least a step up the ladder in the seniors….

“These last words are so typical for Martin, he is always striving to improve, striving to get better and faster. again congratulations Martin!”

PS! After finishing this post, I received this photo from Denmark. Martin had gone for a port side start!
What is a port side start:
In windsurfing you can choose where to start on the start line. The shortest way is starting on the port side/left side, but the downside is that you have to yield for those coming from the starboard/right side. This means that if you have mis interpreted the currents, the waves and the wind you will end up last!

Martin prepared and laid down a risky plan.
Martin trusted his preparations and the plan.
He went for a port side start.
People would say that was stupid and crazy.

For him this was not crazy.
He had a plan. He sticked to it.
He knew what he was doing.
He knew the water.
He could feel the wind.
And of course;
He won.

On the picture below you can see Martin in front (on the port – left side) racing to claim what was his; Victory.


Also I would like to thank all my sponsors, my team.

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