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Pre-race news, Nordic Championship Windsurfing 2015

Skjermbilde 2015-06-16 kl. 22.32.51

Today Martin had visitors from the national tv channel NRK, who wanted to make a story on him from his homespot, in front of the upcoming events. Firstly the Nordic Championship, in Denmark. Then the World Championship later in june/july.

The setting at Åkrasanden today was perfect, the weather were great, the photo team were happy with their pictures, and most important of all: The windsurfing session today were outstanding, according to Martin himself.

Over to the upcoming event: Nordic Championship in Denmark.
Last year in Denmark he was extremely disappointed. His overall place as second in senior and winner of U-20 and U-17 were lost due to a false start.
Normally you surf more than three races. And your worst result will be taken away after three four races. At the fourth and last race Martin was in second position overall, seniors included. He would just have to keep his position to end up as a winner of the U-17, U-20 and as a winner of silver medal of the seniors. This he did, but after seven competitors had crossed the finish line, the race got aborted due to lack of wind.
(Sorry Martin for writing winner of silver medal, I know you think about silver as winning…)

To Martin this was fatal, now the fourth and last race, which he just had finished at number two, were abandoned.
The race which would have given him two gold medals (U-17 and U-20) and one silver (senior) were abandoned, due to sudden drop in wind and special rules in Denmark.
This lead to the fact that the results were calculated from the first three races, including his false start. Due to this he got in 3rd position at the U-17 and U-20 and got a bad result in senior. A big disappointment for the rising star.

Martin has been eagerly waiting for a year to revenge this. He has been training very good, outstanding, for the last months. Even though he has been having focus in slalom, due to the upcoming World Championship he feels very confident.

Tomorrow Martin will leave by boat, at 20.00, from Stavanger, headed for Rønbjerg, Denmark. He will have the best possible people there to guide him, his brother and his father. Which also are windsurfers.

To let Martin keep focus on his race and mental preparations he did not write this post. But I did ask him for the information shared in it. After getting the information I asked if he had any thoughts he wanted to share with his followers and sponsors.

For the race he gave me one sentence:


“To win, nothing else matters.”

Before he continued:

Thanks for reading this and my blog.
If not for you… 
My family… My followers… The media… 
And most of all… my sponsors… 
If not for you…
I could not live my dreams.
But I can, and I will.
Thanks to you.
My team.”


We wish you the best of luck Martin, though we all know that you trust solely on your preparations and training, not luck.

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