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Winner Euro Cup, U-20yrs, at Sylt. (13-17. Mai 2015)

Winner of Euro Cup (U-20) 2015.

Winner of Euro Cup (U-20) 2015.

I was very exited to go back at sylt this year, especially due to my results and experiences from last year. This year there were more wind and tougher conditions, since the wind was coming towards the shore. This caused  shorebreak. Shorebreak means that the waves crashes down when coming towards the beach. These conditions suits me perfect, since I am used to tough conditions from my homespot in Norway.

Day 1 I was excited and 100% ready to start racing… But the race got cancelled, since they could not get the boats into the sea, nor keep the buoys at their positions. The weather is one of the few things you cannot change, so I accepted the fact that the race had been postponed and started to relax and enjoy the day at the beach.

Day 2, 3 and 4. These days we were allowed to race. The wind changed from light wind to 15 m/s, which is gale. I looked it up on a norwegian weather page and here is what they wrote on their page about 15 m/s wind:
Beaufort Skala:
Onshore: Whole trees are moving. And it is difficult to walk against the wind.

Offshore: The sea gathers, and white foam comes out of the wavs and follows the wind direction.

After day four I was leading the race, which I were from start until finish, since the last day was canceled. Very happy about that – though I´m still pushing to improve to get into the world cup circus.




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