Martin Møller Hovda


Winner of U-17 and U-20, despite a major setback just prior to start. (2014)



I had been looking forward to participating in the German open championship, at Sylt, for months.
But after just hours in Germany, my participation could have come to an end. My sail was damaged, and suddenly it looked like all hope was lost.

I started to run around asking people if they had a sail for sale or rent… With just one man left to ask, the luck turned… At least parts of it. I got to buy an old sail from a swedish guy, for 150 Euro. My dad´s first response was that; I could not use that for sailing! Since the option was to get back in the car and head home, I decided to give it a try.

The sail was heavy, hard to handle and I had to adjust it much much more than I have to, with my original gear. The downhole tension (the rope that straightens out the sail) was so heavy to pull that I almost puked everytime I had to pull it, which was way to often.

But when I look back I shouldn´t complain, I finished first in the class U-17 and U-20. In total seniors included I finished 10. place. So you can imagine my degree of happiness, when I went from having no equipment to win the german championship with old equipment.

Thanks to my sponsors NeilPryde and Starboard, for being a part of the team, and contributing to my success!

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